Metaio Junaio, помним, скорбим

Apple беспощаден. Зарубил в 2015 году такую шикарную AR технологию. Отрывок из Wikipedia:

Junaio was an Augmented Reality browser designed for 3G and 4G mobile devices. It was developed by Munich-based company Metaio GmbH. It provided a Creator application and an API for developers and content providers to generate mobile Augmented Reality experiences for end-users. The smartphone app, for Android and iPhone platforms, and API were free to use.

Junaio was the first augmented reality browser which had overcome the accuracy limitations of GPS navigation through LLA Markers (latitude, longitude, altitude marker, patent pending).

In May 2015 Metaio and all of the company’s products were acquired by Apple. Subsequent to the purchase Junaio web presences were removed, and a planned Metaio conference was cancelled. Junaio and all Junaio channels were deactivated on 15 December 2015.

Но к счастью, время не стоит на месте и другая компания подхватила идеи Metaio и создала подобное SDK: CraftAR Platform имеющий миграцию из Metaio:

  • Metaio SDK = CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK
  • Metaio Creator = CraftAR Creator
  • Metaio Continuous Visual Search (CVS) = CraftAR Image Recognition API
  • Junaio = CraftAR App

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